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Dream Big! 2015 Spring Recital


  • Event Date:May 02, 2015
  • Start Time:2 PM & 6 PM
  • End Time:
  • Admission:$20.00
  • Refunds & Exchanges:No discounts or exchanges. All ticket proceeds from this event benefit the Johnny Stallings Arts Program.
  • Purchase Tickets Here

Starring Project UP and Dance Your Dreams!

Merrimack Hall is home to the Johnny Stallings Arts Program, which provides arts education to more than 500 children, teens and adults with special needs through classes like Dance Your Dreams! and Project UP. Since the program launched in 2008, Merrimack Hall has held an annual spring recital to celebrate the achievements of these precious students. These children, teens and adults live with a variety of challenges, including Down syndrome, cerebal palsy, autism, cancer and more. The recital is also a major fundraiser for the following year’s program – a chance for the public and supporters to give back while also showing support for these incredible performers.  The recital also recognizes citizens with the annual Dream Big! Award, honoring individuals who have overcome obstacles to follow their dreams.

*This year’s recital is split into two performances to accommodate all family and friends who wish to attend. Check with your JSAP friends to confirm that you purchase tickets to their performance.